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Small Town Hub is looking for a rural city to be one of three cities to showcase our new Economic Development Program. This program is more than consulting. We want to help your city create and implement an economic development plan that will change lives and simplify your job. 


The pilot (or showcase) program will include our economic development professionals visiting your city, learning directly from your residents, creating a unique economic plan with simple action steps, and then offering support through implementation. 


Apply now to give your city the chance to participate in a completely new way to build rural economies. 

Community Foundation Study

Work with your residents to create a community vision with buy-in and support.  

Marketing & Operation Plan

Custom & step-by-step plan to reach your community vision and bring your citizens, committees, and businesses on board.

Implementation & Support 

A plan is just a piece of paper until you have the tools to implement. Ongoing support, resources, and education are needed to make your vision a reality.

Economic Development 



Feeling like you are fighting against your community, while you are trying to help them feels like a painful and frustrating battle?


We start our program out by talking with your residents and setting the ground work for buy-in throughout the economic development process. 


While tourism is a nice, plump cherry on top of a well-rounded economy, COVID has proved that it does not create a well-rounded economy. 


We work with your city and businesses to increase exports, provide support for businesses to ship across the world, and gain local business support along the way.


We help your economic team build locally and see the value in local businesses.


With step-by-step plans we help the community support and rally around your vision while seeing the efforts of your local improvement all around them. 


As our experts visit your city for 10-15 days they meet your team and your residents. They begin to create a build buy-in, find the biggest assets in your community, uncover hidden potential, and learn your vision for your city's future.



Taking all of the information and input from the Community Foundation Study, our team builds your city a simple, easy to follow, sure to please, economic development plan. These plans focus on citizens, business development, and pulling from resources most cities are not aware are available. 



While most economic development businesses leave you with the plan and move on to the next job, our team sticks with you. 


We create check-points and support built into the economic development plan so that your team is never left high and dry, can always follow through, and has support when problems arise. 

"I had NO idea all of this was possible until our discussion. [Small Town Hub] knows that they are talking about, is passionate about what they are doing, and definitely enjoyable to work with.  


... had my most successful year yet, in spite of the pandemic.
Thanks Kara and Small Town Hub!"

Sidney Lang Christensen

The Red Geranium | CEO



Small Town Hub has one, single purpose - to strengthen and support rural economies. 


Small Towns don't have to change to thrive. We want to help your cities reach their potential. 

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