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Our rural economic development professionals work with cities and their teams to make economic development easier with plans broken down into simple steps.


Our consultants also work to help you create citizen buy-in and create a community that helps build a future for your city that people will thank you for for decades. 


Self Sustaining Economies

Your small, rural community is more powerful than most people know. Work with our experts to help your city expand your current development plan to reach a place where your city is self sustaining. 

Guidance Through Implementation

You don't have to do this alone. Our experts can work with your team to setup check points throughout the implementation process. This helps you overcome obstacles, simplifies your job, and helps determine your success.

Exports Over Tourism

Working with our experts you can develop a plan that is diverse and less dependent on tourism. Put your local businesses first as you lean on bringing in outside money through exports.  


Small Town Hub is looking to launch our pilot program in 2021. This program is more than consulting. We want to help your city create and implement an economic development plan that will change lives and simplify your job. 


Apply now to give your city the chance to participate in a completely new way to build rural economies. 


Save time, make your job easier, and look great with our free economic development resources. Over $1,500 worth of free resources specifically designed for rural economics.

  • Forms
  • Surveys
  • Templates 
  • And more 

Claim your free resources and take the first step to taking control of your city's future. 



Strengthening and supporting rural economies

  • Support Local Business. You already know the importance of local business in your community. Our teams helps you bring the community together to support them. 

  • Preserve Identity. Small, rural communities are unique. Each community has something they hold dear, they love, they brag about. Our goal is help you preserve those unique things in your community and use them to boost your economy.

  • Simplify Development. Make economic development easier as we help you focus on what is important, highlight what is relevant to your city, and ignore the rest.

  • Gather Supporters. Get your community involved. You can not do this alone and you don't have to. We help you bring in community members that care about their cities, take action, and want to help you build something to be proud of. 


It is time to do more for your city. It is time to explore the hidden potential of your community and bring your citizens together to create a future that may not have seemed possible before. 


Let us simplify the roadmap and point you in the right direction. Request a consult today and that the first steps to leaving a legacy. 

We are in this together.

As rural communities build self sustaining and diversified economies, they help other communities reach their potential.


Your city is not alone. 



Small Town Hub has one, single purpose - to strengthen and support rural economies. 


Small Towns don't have to change to thrive. We want to help your cities reach their potential. 

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