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The Thrive Cycle

An online  business education program designed specifically for small, rural businesses, their unique strengths, and the challenges that they face.


Business Evaluation

Start with a thorough business evaluation to help you identify where to begin your training and where your business is thriving. 


Your business evaluation results and free coaching session will help you determine where to  begin to transforming your business. Businesses start changes the weakest area of business. From there apply the hands-on education to build a well-rounded, healthy business.


As a Thrive Cycle member you will have access to our team of business professionals as well as our Rural Business Unite community group. 

What our clients are saying


“I learned valuable things that I couldn’t figure out on my own. I feel more confident. Excellent… I would/did recommend.”

Resford Rouzer

Canyonlands Field Institute

“[They] did well! 


I would recommend this course to any business owner.”

Marie Collicutt

Mann Floral Design

“Very well organized and professional. I would recommend. I learned more than I planned.

Fast paced and very proficient.”

Anthony Hodge

Retro Inn - Mesa Verde

Thrive Cycle

Rural businesses can do amazing things. 
We are simply here with the roadmap.


NOTE: We made changes!
We now only enroll 10 business at a time.


We know what it is like to be completely exhausted by your business; to wake up earlier than everyone else and still come home long after most people. We know what it is like for an 11 workday to be normal. 


What if you only worked eight hours a day? What if you worked even less? 


You probably didn't start a business with the intention of living on little sleep, secretly hating your clients, and working endless hours. We can help you take back your life and create the business of your dreams.


Too much time at work often puts strain on your personal relationships. I will never forget missing my two-year-old's birthday because there was NO WAY I could leave my business. I could not afford to leave. 


In the Thrive Cycle we give you a road map to creating a business that can run without you. Go to the party! Take a vacation! Take your life back! You deserve it. 


It is amazing how much business owners can work while simultaneously barely treading the stack of incoming bills. Many businesses are just one bad quarter away from shutting their doors for good. 


It doesn't have to be that way. Join other rural business owners as they take on their business, following the guides to understand their finances, focusing their marketing, and expanding their market.

"Small Town Hub is AMAZING!

[They] know their stuff and are sincerely dedicated to supporting the small town businesses
that they are involved with.  [Their] professional services in marketing are top notch.  
[They have] been a tremendous influence in the successful re-branding of my small business."

Lana Arthur, CEO | Patio Diner

We are in this together.

You can go it alone. You can slip, and fall, and get back up, and learn from your own mistakes. 


But, you don't have to. 


You can learn from ours and have the support of our wonderful community to keep you from falling. 

Thrive Cycle

Crafted for Rural Businesses

Unlimited Courses

Hundreds in Resources

New Monthly Content

Live Trainings





    Join today and enjoy ten free days before your billing cycle begins. Cancel anytime. 

  • Learn how our brains work to better connect with your clients.

  • Build your marketing strategy to fit your ideal client and make quicker sales.

  • Structure your business to run at peak efficiency. Even when you are not there. 

  • See the benefit of working with other businesses to cross promote.



Small Town Hub has one, single purpose - to strengthen and support rural economies. 


Small Towns don't have to change to thrive. We want to help your cities reach their potential. 

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