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Resources, training, and support for small businesses. Create the business you always dreamed of with step-by-step map to get you there. 

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Work with our rural economic development experts to create or fine-tune your city's economic plan. Take charge of your city's future.

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Apply to become a Small Town Hub partner. Join our community for free business and city aids, member discounts, and access to our team of experts. 

We believe there is more to rural America



Stay up-to-date on marketing for your business or city. Join the thousands who see small towns as more than another tourist destination. 


Join our team as we talk with business owners who are making the dream work, cities that are breaking the mold, and experts that see more for rural America. 


Check out our free resources pages, available to businesses, chambers, and cities. Access free training, complete checklists, take a quizzes, etc. 


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Step-by-step training for small businesses. We take the guess work out of your business and help you create a business with the freedom, income, and achievement that you have always dreamed of. 


We know what it is like to work 80 hour weeks and barely make ends meet. You do not have to live that way anymore. 


We believe that rural cities can be so much more than a tourist destination. Your city is capable of becoming a self-sustaining, local shopping, people caring center where citizens want to live. 


You are in control of your city's future - shape it into something incredible. 


Chambers and organizations that support business and rural development are vital to our communities. We want to work with you to help you achieve your goals. 


Apply to be a Small Town Hub partner for free resources and discounts for your members, access to our rural America experts, and affiliate membership opportunities.


Strengthen and support rural economies

through business education and executed economic development plans that do not rely on tourism.

Helping Each Other


Everything is easier when you work together, rural communities are no exception.

  • Locals first. Creating an amazing place to live for current residents should always take the highest priority. 

  • Exports over tourism. Things have changed a lot over the last 20 years. Small towns are no longer forced to rely on tourism for "outside money."

  • Reaching further. We focus on helping small, rural businesses reach and sell further and small, rural communities find connections all over the country.

  • Fighting apathy. We help community members care about their cities, take action, and help lead the future of their small town. 

"I had NO idea all of this was possible until our discussion. [Small Town Hub] knows that they are talking about, is passionate about what they are doing, and definitely enjoyable to work with.  


... had my most successful year yet, in spite of the pandemic.
Thanks Kara and Small Town Hub!"

Sidney Lang Christensen

The Red Geranium | CEO


We love small towns. We love rural America and our team is here to help you and your city take charge of your future, expand your reach, and strengthen your rural economy. 

Kara Laws

CEO | Business Education

Kara is the CEO of Small Town Hub. Her love and overwhelming passion for small, rural communities and their businesses led her to sell the profitable business she spent a decade building to re-dedicate her life to helping small, rural communities thrive.


Kara is a public speaker and business trainer. She trains small businesses in Phoenix AZ, Houston TX and Provo Ut, helping them take the first steps to driving their businesses from start-ups to million dollar companies. She is an expert in branding, marketing, and systems.


Bayley Hedglin

Rural Economics

Bayley is currently the Executive Director of the San Juan County Utah Chamber of Commerce. She has served as the Executive Director for the Palisade, CO Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Board of Directors for the Moab Chamber of Commerce.


She has owned businesses and holds certifications in Business Expansion and Retention, and Economic Development.


In all of her roles, Ms. Hedglin has led teams to continuously improve and execute strategies and tools to promote job creation through recruitment, retention, and expansion of businesses.

Emily Laws

Web Design

Emily works with small businesses & chambers to help them get online and making money. 


Her education in web development makes her a master in her craft but it is her ability to work with people, guide them through the process, and turn  their ideas into a reality that make her amazing. 



Small Town Hub has one, single purpose - to strengthen and support rural economies. 


Small Towns don't have to change to thrive. We want to help your cities reach their potential. 

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